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Team NinjaI started bloodninja.org years ago as a way to compile the infamous chat logs of BloodNinja that were strewed all over the webs.
The site got very popular very quick though, and soon it contained more chats from his/her fans than it did of the original BloodNinja. Feel free to submit your own.
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Because I get asked this a lot: no I am not BloodNinja. The best I can tell is that he/she liked to mess with people over AIM back in the mid 1990s. No one has knowingly heard from him/her since.
how long are your boobs
gotrekfirebeard: you want a sexy time?
badboyrhn007: yes babes
gotrekfirebeard: yo uwant to make a romance in me?
badboyrhn007: yes honey
gotrekfirebeard: you sound coool are you a gangsta?
badboyrhn007: yes babes wanna have sex with me
badboyrhn007: age/name/sex
gotrekfirebeard: you are gangsta? what gang are you in?
badboyrhn007: sex gang
badboyrhn007: hey u der
gotrekfirebeard: oh the sex gang?
gotrekfirebeard: never heard of them probably bullshit.
badboyrhn007: yes
gotrekfirebeard: you're a wanksta
badboyrhn007: no
badboyrhn007: babby wan o have sex with me
gotrekfirebeard: stop adding me you dumb motherfucker
gotrekfirebeard: DO you pack a deuce deuce?
badboyrhn007: u bloody mother fucker fuckoff
gotrekfirebeard: wouhou I like your dirty talk
badboyrhn007: yesd
gotrekfirebeard: oh yes
gotrekfirebeard: you dumbass
badboyrhn007: fuck off
gotrekfirebeard: no you won't
gotrekfirebeard: you bitchy little wanksta...
badboyrhn007: fuck off i dont wanna talk to u
gotrekfirebeard: yes you do
badboyrhn007: yes
gotrekfirebeard: you have your cock in hand ready for some sexy chat
gotrekfirebeard: come on be a man...
badboyrhn007: i am a man
badboyrhn007: if you want sex then only talk to me
gotrekfirebeard: ok u're the only one baby
gotrekfirebeard: tellme about you
gotrekfirebeard: you hustle? You roll with tha niggas?
badboyrhn007: i am from india my name is rohan
badboyrhn007: i have a 15 cm dick
gotrekfirebeard: how interesting
gotrekfirebeard: you keep it real in ya hood?
badboyrhn007: hey wanna see my dick
gotrekfirebeard: not now baby
gotrekfirebeard: keep it for later
badboyrhn007: ok
badboyrhn007: so did you decided to have sex with me
gotrekfirebeard: oh yeah
gotrekfirebeard: can I bring my retarded sister oo?
badboyrhn007: hey where do you live
gotrekfirebeard: COmpton California
badboyrhn007: hey i am comming to chicago oday
badboyrhn007: whats your address i will come o ex with you
gotrekfirebeard: I 'm california....
gotrekfirebeard: Its the west side
gotrekfirebeard: Chicago is Eastside
badboyrhn007: ok i can manage o come
gotrekfirebeard: I though you were rollin' ith da homies, and you do'nt know that?
badboyrhn007: hey i live alone
gotrekfirebeard: good for you
gotrekfirebeard: you masterbate often?
badboyrhn007: yes do you have a boy friend
gotrekfirebeard: no i don't
gotrekfirebeard: can u suck your own dick?
badboyrhn007: hey i am here
badboyrhn007: no but you are there for sucking
badboyrhn007: sorry no i it
badboyrhn007: you there
gotrekfirebeard: yes
gotrekfirebeard: i'm wet like The Alaska after inter
badboyrhn007: so give me your address i will ome
badboyrhn007: even my dick is wet
badboyrhn007: wanna lick it
gotrekfirebeard: Ok got a pen and Paper?
badboyrhn007: yes
gotrekfirebeard: Ok so it's
gotrekfirebeard: SOphie EAZYE
badboyrhn007: ok
gotrekfirebeard: Dr Dre road
badboyrhn007: ok
badboyrhn007: hey do you have a cell
gotrekfirebeard: 18132544
gotrekfirebeard: Compton
gotrekfirebeard: California
gotrekfirebeard: there
badboyrhn007: jus give me your number i will all you
gotrekfirebeard: 4483155
badboyrhn007: i will reach at your house day ter tomarrow so please send your parents out
badboyrhn007: do you have a condom or i will have to bring it for saftey
gotrekfirebeard: I have a rottweiler, called adolf
gotrekfirebeard: you like dogs?
badboyrhn007: yes but if i come he will not bite me
badboyrhn007: hey whats your age
gotrekfirebeard: He might bite you.... I lke animal sex...
badboyrhn007: so you sex with you dog
gotrekfirebeard: yes I love it
gotrekfirebeard: don't you?
badboyrhn007: i love it but i dont have it with my dog like you
gotrekfirebeard: yo uhave it with a camel?
badboyrhn007: no is it possible
gotrekfirebeard: what animal then?
badboyrhn007: no animal
badboyrhn007: only girls
gotrekfirebeard: you like being dominated?
badboyrhn007: no
badboyrhn007: do you
badboyrhn007: so want to be my girlfriend
badboyrhn007: hey how long are your boobs
gotrekfirebeard: they drop to my knees
badboyrhn007: hey tell the truth now i am your boyfriend
gotrekfirebeard: oh yeah you are soo cool
badboyrhn007: yes
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