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Team NinjaI started bloodninja.org years ago as a way to compile the infamous chat logs of BloodNinja that were strewed all over the webs.
The site got very popular very quick though, and soon it contained more chats from his/her fans than it did of the original BloodNinja. Feel free to submit your own.
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Because I get asked this a lot: no I am not BloodNinja. The best I can tell is that he/she liked to mess with people over AIM back in the mid 1990s. No one has knowingly heard from him/her since.
Fitness, Pokemon, and Penis Dragons.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
Do you believe in fitness ?
Stranger: Nope
You: In what?
Stranger: It's just an urban legend
You: What is this "fitness"?
Stranger: No one has ever actually seen "fitnes"
You: Never heard of it..
Stranger: No one knows
You: Is fitness a person?
Stranger: I believe it's the legendary fourth basic flavor of ice cream
You: Or some vile beast that crawled out from the dpths of OP's mother's vagina?
Stranger: Vanilla
Stranger: Chocolate
Stranger: Strawberry
Stranger: ...and fitness
You: That sounds delicious...
You: Damn it Stranger...
You: Now I want ice cream.
Stranger: Legend claims it was better than all three combined
Stranger: I always want ice cream
You: STOP.
You: You're making me want fitness.
Stranger: I want fitness
You: I didn't even know it existed.
Stranger: We should go on a quest
Stranger: To find the legendary fitness
You: It must not really exist, right?
Stranger: Find monsters and stuff
Stranger: Probably a dragon or two
You: That sounds awesome.
Stranger: We'll get swords and armor
Stranger: Talk to wise old men who will warn us about the dangers.
You: Like the stuff from World of Warcraft?
Stranger: Exactly
You: Never played it, but I can try, I guess.
Stranger: (I have no idea what's in WoW either)
You: If it means I can eat fitness... I will do anything.
Stranger: Good
Stranger: No, go grab all the sword you have stored in your shed
You: There are porn ads at the bottom of my screen...
You: What the hell, man?
Stranger: I sent those to you
You: WHY?!
Stranger: Click them
You: Do they have viruses?
Stranger: They aren't actually porn ads
Stranger: They're a cover
Stranger: for too secret info
Stranger: You need this info
Stranger: It'll be vital on our quest
Stranger: Watch the instructional video within the link
You: Very well.
You: Yeah...
You: That's a penis.
You: Really man?
Stranger: Study it that way you know how to defeat it
You: Why would you send me this?
Stranger: Find the weak points
You: Oh, I've defeated it many times.
Stranger: to cut at it
You: With my BARE HANDS.
Stranger: Then ONWARDS!
You: I bet I could even defeat one with one hand tied behind my back.
Stranger: Ooooooooh
Stranger: A challenge indeed
You: Have you ever beat the stuff out of a penis?
You: It's white and slimy. It feels really warm, too.
Stranger: I have...slayed it.
You: Really?
You: Please, teach me.
You: I have slain it before, but it always gets back up.
You: Is there a way to defeat it for good?
Stranger: Ah. That is its life force.
Stranger: Yes.
Stranger: There is
You: Please, tell me.
Stranger: You have two options
Stranger: One is easier than the other
Stranger: First option:
You: Are you fighting one right now?
You: You're rather slow at speaking.
Stranger: Take your dagger, a tourniquet, and a first aid kit
Stranger: You know what to do from there.
Stranger: Stop being gross dude
You: Alright, I'm sorry.
Stranger: It's cool bro
Stranger: The second option
Stranger: Learn to control your penis. Any time it rises, you must leave it.
You: Wait, how did we get from "fitness" to Penis Dragons?
Stranger: 30 sec of squats, v-ups, or crunches will kill it.
You: This conversation escalated quickly..
You: Oh, that's very easy indeed.
Stranger: Keep doing all of them until vanquished
Stranger: (It draws the blood out)
Stranger: Oddly enough, we went fom fitness to penis dragon, back to fitness.
You: YEAH!
You: Wow, I feel accomplished.
You: Wait..
Stranger: What
You: How exactly will we do that?
Stranger: Gyms have historically been centers where people gather to discuss fitness
Stranger: We shall begin there
You: Wow, this conversation has everything. Fitness, video games, penis dragons, and ice cream...
You: Even other people.
Stranger: We're so diverse.
Stranger: High-five bro.
You: Hell yeah!
Stranger: *high-five*
You: *high-five*
You: Alright, then. Now we must make haste to the nearest gym.
Stranger: I think the closest one is in Viridian City
You: (It even has Pokemon, now...)
Stranger: YEA IT DOES
You: YEAH!
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